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The cooperative Samassi Ortofrutticola was founded in 1961 by a group of 14 farmers, who shared the need to gain greater bargaining power, buy the necessary products wholesale and optimize production with standard quality products. Today the cooperative brings together over 52 members and counts on the work of a small group of employees. He is also a member of the Sardinian Fruit and Vegetable Consortium of Confcooperativa Sardegna. The customers of the cooperative are the commercial operators that operate in the general markets of the peninsula and the industries that purchase the transformed product. The strengths of the company are the great availability of raw materials, the transformation of artichoke and asparagus.

The fresh taste of Sardinian products

Fresh products

All the production is obtained following the directives given by technicians in the phases that go from the plant up to the harvest.

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Transformed Products

In choosing the type of processed product to be obtained, one sought to give the product as close as possible to the fresh product. This is why we chose the frozen product, because scientific research has shown that this is the closest, both for organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the fresh product.

Products in oil

From the field to the label.

Expression of authentic and genuine flavors. Products carefully chosen and cleaned entirely by hand.